Horse on the L O O S E - Eventing Belt Belt-Classic C4 BELTS
Horse on the L O O S E - Eventing Belt Belt-Classic C4 BELTS

"I love the personalized design! I was so surprised by the quality…"

-Colleen M.

Horse on the L O O S E - Eventing Belt

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Neck Size




14" X .63"



18" X 1"



22" X 1"



26" X 1"


Antimicrobial & Odor Proof

Their impervious and non-porous material prevents the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that are unhealthy for your dog and generate really bad odors (ever smelled a nylon collar?)

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in our quality that if you ever have an issue with your pup's collar, we will send you a brand-new replacement! They are made of super durable and premium Thermoplastic Elastomer; which is a similar material to the one used for snowmobile tred. Also, sturdy stainless steel hardware matched with our durable TPU material makes this collar virtually indestructible! No more torn fabric or teeth marks - ruff play is welcome!

Super Comfy

Though sturdy and durable, C4 collars are pliable and ergonomically designed so they are super comfy and a pleasure for your pup to wear!

100% Water Resistant & Washable

Your pup can be free to splash and play in the mud to their hearts content! C4 Collars can be easily and quickly hand-washed in the sink with light soap.

Pick a Belt to Match

Mix and match your favorite belt with your pup's collar! You will be offered a matching belt once you add this collar to your cart!

They Giveback

Choose your Cause at checkout. We will donate a portion of our proceeds to help support a cause that is close to your heart.


Our collars are 100% recyclable.


      Sizing Guide

      Using a cloth measuring tape, measure your dog's neck size


      Neck Size
      11 to 14"

      Fits Breeds Like


      Neck Size
      15 to 18"

      Fits Breeds Like


      Neck Size
      19 to 22"

      Fits Breeds Like


      Neck Size
      23 to 26"

      Fits Breeds Like

      * Please note: No two pups are exactly the same!
      The dogs shown here are based on average
      breed weights and heights.