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Retired Racehorse Project Navy Argyle Belt Belt-Classic C4 BELTS
Retired Racehorse Project Navy Argyle Belt Belt-Classic C4 BELTS

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Retired Racehorse Project Navy Argyle Belt

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The Retired Racehorse Project, í«í_a non-profit organization that exists to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasingí«í_

í«í_ í«í_ demand for them in equestrianí«í_í«í_sports and serving the farms, trainers, and organizations that transition them.í«í_í«í_The Retired Racehorse Training Project was formed in 2010í«í_í«í_by a small groupí«í_
í«í_ í«í_ of friends who felt strongly that Thoroughbred ex-racehorses were in need of advocates and educators in the sport and recreation riding world.í«í_í«í_Since itäóÁ—Ès 2010 founding RRP, has inspiredí«í_
í«í_ í«í_ thousands to choose an off-trackí«í_í«í_Thoroughbred (OTTB).í«í_í«í_í«í_The work is paying off. The army of good people providing these horses with the educations they need after racing is growing,í«í_
í«í_ í«í_ and the value of an off-trackí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_Thoroughbred is rising. The 2 million horse owners in America are learning about the trainability and talent of these horses, and the 150,000 OTTB ownersí«í_
í«í_ í«í_ now have a vehicle through whichí«í_í«í_they can promote what they love.
í«í_ í«í_ í«í_Learn More:í«í_

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15 to 18"

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Neck Size
19 to 22"

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Neck Size
23 to 26"

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