The Patriot Bundle Product-Bundle C4 BELTS

"I love the personalized design! I was so surprised by the quality…"

-Colleen M.

The Patriot Bundle

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Grow your collection with the Patriot Bundle! This belt & sock bundle comes with the Americana Belt with White matte buckle and the Navy & Red Riding Sock. 100% metal free. Socks are one size fits most.


Sizing Guide

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure your dog's neck size


Neck Size
11 to 14"

Fits Breeds Like


Neck Size
15 to 18"

Fits Breeds Like


Neck Size
19 to 22"

Fits Breeds Like


Neck Size
23 to 26"

Fits Breeds Like

* Please note: No two pups are exactly the same!
The dogs shown here are based on average
breed weights and heights.