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20 Ways to Spend Your Quarantine Time - from C4 Equestrian

20 Ways to Spend Your Quarantine Time - from C4 Equestrian

Written by Emily Cochran, EQ Division Manager, March 30, 2020

First off -- I want to give a shout out to Bethany at My Equestrian Style for posting her 60 Quarantine Tips, and inspiring us to write our own! This is such a great opportunity to turn something causing such uncertainty and negativity, into something that feels to be within our control. And nothing is more in your power than how you use your time and your energy.

Here are 20 ways you can pass your time at home, while practicing Social Distancing. 

 1. Clean your tack!

Let’s be real -- it’s likely MOST of our tack could use a deep cleaning. Quarantine or not, show season is just around the corner and it’s important to be sure everything is in tip-tip shape! Bits, bridles, saddles, pads, blankets, you name it -- clean it. Want to know my favorite tack cleaner? Higher Standard Leather Care!

2. Read a new book - or better yet, re-read an old favorite!

Personally, I will always prefer the smell and feel of a paperback book in my hands. If the Kindle or iPad is more your thing, fine! Charge those up and find a quiet and well-lit place to lay low and get lost in whatever story you have chosen.

3. If you have a pet -- clean ‘em up!

Dog or cat, ferret, fish, hedgehog -- it doesn’t matter. Whip out the brush or give their cage/tank a solid cleaning. They’ll love the attention, or at least they’ll pretend to.

4. Go through your clothes, and donate what you don’t wear.

For example, did you know bras have a shelf life..? It’s recommended you replace sports bras every 6-12 months. Maybe you aren’t ready to toss your favorite one, but if it’s starting to look worn (this includes any garments!) throw it out. This includes your favorite socks with holes... It’s time to let them go. While you’re in your closet and drawers, lay out items in good condition you just don’t wear anymore and donate them!

5. Organize your bathroom sink/pantry/etc

This doesn’t sound all that fun, but I promise, the end result is worth it! For you organizing lovers (or wannabes), I highly recommend checking out Horderly and Neat Method on Instagram or Pinterest. Talk about OCD heaven…

6. Take a free class - online!

This might be more for those outside of their school years, but The Great Courses Plus has a FREE trial, and there are thousands of topics to pick from. Downtime is perfect to focus on something you’ve always wanted to learn about!

7. Podcasts

I am a huge Podcast lover -- my commute is an hour each way, so these have been my go-to for some time now. While I might not be in the car during quarantine, I still make time for my favorite shows. You can listen while you shower, while you clean, cook -- you name it, you can make it work. My favorites? NoSleep, Lore, and The MeatEater podcasts. It’s a strange mix, but if you love the outdoors/conservation/hunting, but also ghosts and folklore, give them a try!

8. Toss out those expired items…

You know what I’m talking about.. Those tiny samples from Ipsy you swore you would use. That Jeffree Star eye shadow palette that’s 3 years old.. Makeup and toiletries have a shorter shelf-life than you’d expect, so throw the oldies away!

9. Puzzles!

I love a good puzzle. So much so, that I put together one that I sealed with a puzzle paint and have ready to hang on the wall in a puzzle frame. You might not want to get that fancy, but there really are puzzles that can double as decor once you’re done. Either way -- taking the time to sit and work a puzzle is about as chill as you can get.

10. Dig out that old laptop

Not everyone has an ancient, 5 pound laptop or computer sitting around. But if you do, charge that puppy up and go straight to the photos. This might give you a good laugh (or cringe), but it’s always so nice to rediscover photos you haven’t seen in a while!

11. Photo Albums

If you live with your parents, ask to go through family photos! Or if you have your own, take a moment to look through them again. Recently I had found a tote I hadn’t been in for 3+ years, and inside were MANY photographs from my elementary and middle school years. I found a few of my Gmama who passed away a little over 2 years ago, and let me tell you, while I did tear up, I was so glad I found them! I have them somewhere safer now, to soon be framed.

12. Try new recipes

Now, do go wasting your dooms-day food supply, but eating in is a great time to try recipes you normally don’t make, and cooking with family is always fun. But if you aren’t the cook, you better help clean! My go-to chef when I want to make something simple yet elegant, is Ina Garten. She's the GOAT of cooking, in my opinion. 

13. Bring Pinterest Back

No, Pinterest didn’t leave, but you probably outgrew it. I can honestly admit when it first really got popular (I was in college), I used Pinterest religiously as my wind-down activity. Not so much now, but MAN is it fun to search “dream barn” or “dream house”. Can’t build a $2 million Euro style barn? That’s fine, just pin it to your Dream Barn board. It’s basically the same, minus the ungodly monthly loan.

14. Long Hair Don’t Care

I’m going to share some personal information, so be ready. I have very long hair. Nice hair, from what I am told. But I LOATHE how long it takes to wash my hair..What shampoo do I use? A 2 in 1. Yes.. I am that person. But lately, I have been making a point to do a deep condition and WOW the difference it makes! If you want to splurge on some nice shampoo and conditioner, or just a deep conditioner, I highly recommend Dae hair (and she’s a blogger that built her brand from the ground up!). Take the extra time right now to really get your hair deep conditioned, your future self will thank you!

15. Spa day continued

Did you think I was going to stop at hair..? Use your longer mornings or afternoons to take a long and hot bath/shower, and really make a point to treat yourself. Lotion, nail care, then end with your favorite polish!

16. Journaling 

Bullet journal, gratitude journal, or a writing challenge. Taking a pen to paper (or your Notes app, I won’t judge you) is truly a refreshing way to bring your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to life. I recommend searching on Pinterest for any of the above for ideas on how to get started. Most importantly - just get started! Your writing will flow once you put your mind to it.

17. Learn a new Language

Duolingo is a fan favorite for many reasons. And there are SO many languages to choose from, but personally, I’m going to recommend the obvious - SPANISH. It’s practical, and not difficult to pick up on once you really practice!

18. Online Shopping

Now more than ever, is it a great time to support your favorite small businesses (if you can, of course). Most are still up and running their websites, so if you are in the shopping mood, consider spending your money with them! Here are a few of my favorites: Anything on Etsy, Trek Light Blankets, any local tack shop, The Rollin J Boutique, Dae Hair, to name a few!

19. Garden! 

Now I am not going to recommend you go out and start a garden now, BUT, for those of us that have plants inside and out, this is a great time to tend to those. Even your tiny succulents need some attention!

20. Last but not least -- a link to many links. 

Shout out to our CEO Michelle -- she sent this link out to the C4 team as a way to share ideas and links of things to do while sheltered. Music, literature, and the coolest of all… LIVE virtual tours of places around the world! So you can still explore a new place, from the comfort of your home. Here’s the link!


    I hope this list can offer some entertainment -- If we buckle down and stay home, it will be over before we know it. Take care everyone!