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How the C4 Staff Quarantines

How the C4 Staff Quarantines



While the state of Georgia is still sheltering in place, some of C4’s team wanted to share their day-to-day quarantine activities!


Jackie Gentile, Graphic Designer

Jackie shares she’s “Currently obsessively playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Binge Watching Tiger King and Devs while sipping on some wine and cider.”




Veronica Pennix, Graphic Designer
Veronica’s free time has consisted of watercolor painting, cooking, completing Gundam build kits, video games, hanging out in the backyard, karaoke, and making music! 

Madeline Komic, Creative Director


Madeline enjoys the extra time at home by spending her afternoons sitting in the hammock playing on her Switch, with Poppy the Pomsky in her lap!




Michelle Der, CEO


Michelle has been enjoying more time at home than usual! “I’ve been hanging with kids playing games; watching some fave movies. I have been doing yard work too, which I actually like since I’m outside playing in the dirt.”