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Pet Personality Watch Guide

Pet Personality Watch Guide




You know what you never knew what you were missing?? A guide to what you should watch based on your pet’s personality! 



For the one who misses their dog park friends

Show: Pick of the Litter

Platform: Disney+

Why: This beautiful program follows the story of 6 dogs on the pathway to becoming a guide dog! From a cause we can 100% get behind to the straight-up adorable pups you’ll fall in love!




For the one who always tries to sneak table scraps

Show: Nadiya’s Time to Eat

Platform: Netflix

Why: Join charming Nadiya Hussain while she takes us on a relaxing yet engaging journey to learning that mealtime can be fun, easy, and nutritious. These 30-ish minute episodes will take you from Nadiya’s colorful kitchen to an organic mushroom farm, and into the homes of viewers who are looking for a little more time in the evenings to spend with their family and pets. 




For the one who keeps you laughing

Show: Middleditch & Schwartz

Platform: Netflix

Why: When you can’t decide if you want a tv show or a movie this live long-form improvised comedy special starring the beloved actor who plays Jean-Ralphio on Parks & Recreation is the perfect option! Watch these goofy best friends start on a blank stage with an audience suggestion and build an entire show in less than an hour. 



For the one who would rather sleep in a puddle of sunshine

Show: The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes 

Platform: Netflix

Why: Let’s be real, there’s nothing more soothing than the narrator’s voice on a house-hunting show! This show features beautiful and unconventional homes around the world Lull yourself into the perfect nap with your favorite blanket and dream of living in the houses on this show! 




For the one who was adopted during Quarantine

Show: Married At First Sight

Platform: Hulu

Why: Adopting a new pet may not be the same as marriage...but it’s pretty close! Watch as these couples decide to walk down the aisle sight unseen to wed complete strangers! They immediately move into an apartment and learn the in’s and out’s of living with a stranger. Sound slightly familiar?