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  1. LOCATION: Find a dedicated and comfortable spot to work to avoid distractions. Set ground rules with the people in your space.


  1. SOCIALIZE: Stay socially connected to avoid feelings of isolation.  Call friends and family.  Face time or Video chat to see a friendly face. 


  1. ROUTINE: It is important to keep a structured daily routine and stick with it. Set a morning routine.  Keep regular hours.


  1. BREAKS: Schedule breaks.  It is important to get up and walk around every hour.  Consider taking lunch outside – get out and breathe some fresh air.


  1. SUPPLIES: Be sure you have the equipment and supplies you need to continue to get your job done.


  1. COMMUNICATE: Reach out beyond email, use video conferencing to conduct meetings and be sure everyone shows up with intent. In fact, over communicate by keeping your team in the loop on your availability.


  1. LEARN: Take this opportunity to expand your skill set with additional online training courses.


  1. STAY POSITIVE: Don’t underestimate the smile in the hallway; the joke in the lunchroom giving you a spot of joy. While working remotely, it is important to replace this by talking in person, video conferencing.  Be sure you let someone hear you smile when you are talking :)